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RE: php frontend

>Nice, though my homeaddress became
> 	SPhuc2tvZ2VuIDUgQywgMTM4NCBBU0tFUg==
>It contains one non-7-bit ascii character. You might want to add decode of
>base 64.

I assume you mean you had this problem with LDAPExplorer? As it seems unlikely
you we're using LDAPConsole as it isn't finished.  But if you we're I'd
appreciate further comment as LDAPConsole is my project.  I am not a "real"
developer and thus prone to do stupid things, and am also one of those nieve
Americans (I studied French and Latin (non-7-bit languages?), but a very long
time ago).

>>>anyone out there know if theres a php web frontend for ldap?
>>There is LDAP explorer, which is written in PHP.  I've used it
>> for over a year
>>now.  Works pretty well.
>>I also have a PHP LDAP front end project at SourceForge, that will serve
>>a somewhat diffrent purpose.

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