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openLDAP on LinuxPPC


I'm having trouble getting openldap running on a fresh install of LinuxPPC 2000

The ldap.conf and slapd.conf are straight from a redhat machine
running openldap, but on this one when I go to start slapd, nothing
happens.     In debugging mode, it shows that it parses through the
slapd.oc.conf, slapd.at.conf and slapd.conf files.    But when it's
all done there isn't any slapd process running.

Looking through the /var/log/messages  gives this:

Aug 11 17:33:25 ldap slapd[1190]: ldbm_initialize(): FATAL error in
db_appinit() : Invalid argument
Aug 11 17:34:35 ldap slapd[1194]: ldbm_db_errcall(): ==> illegal flag
specified to db_appinit

What's a db_appinit?

I'd love to hear from anyone who figured out how to get around these
errors and is running openldap on linuxPPC


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