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Re: modrdn and hex-escaped UTF-8 chars in DN

At 01:13 PM 8/9/00 +0200, Michael Ströder wrote:
>I have UTF-8 encoded data in DNs of entries stored on a OpenLDAP
>1.2.11 server.

OpenLDAP 1.x actually expects DN to be T.61 encoded...  See
previously charset rants in the archives.

>Up to now I ignored the hex escaping of NON-ASCII
>chars as described in RFC2253. But now that I implemented this I
>have troubles doing modrdn since OpenLDAP 1.2.x compares the DN data
>and the entry's data directly.
>Will this be fixed in OpenLDAP 2.0?

It not fixed yet... but anything is possible.

The general guidance for DNs is not to use any value which requires
escaping.  This doesn't mean you cannot use non-USASCII characters,
it just means you should avoid RFC2253 "special" characters, leading
spaces, etc.