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Re: suddenly I can't find things....

> From:  "Chris Garrigues" <cwg-oldap-sw@DeepEddy.Com>
> Date:  Tue, 08 Aug 2000 11:15:40 -0500
> I'm using an RPM based on the standard 1.2.9-4.  the only change I've made was 
> to add the --disable-rlookups flag to CFLAGS.
> I just realized that I didn't upgrade to 1.2.11 last month when Kurt announced 
> that it was stable.  I'll do that now.  Any chance that would help?  I see that 
> he's raised a few limits.

I assume that someone has an SRPM  for 1.2.11.  (Or an RPM that already has 
--disable-rlookups.)  If not, I'll build it myself, but why reproduce effort?


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