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Re: optimisation

> Hi Guys,
> Like many people I'm new to LDAP, however I have been running openldap on an
> Alpha 1000a on DEC 4.0.
> I have imported over 40,000 entries (person's) to the server however now
> when our mail servers  do a look up it times out... it just seems to take
> ages to retrieve the information. (there are only 40,000 entries in this
> ldbm - surely it can take more?)
> We installed Netscape Directory Server on the same machine (different port)
> and used the same entries and the Mail servers worked fine.
> Is there something fundamental which I have forgotten to optimise OpenLDAP?
> Will the INDEX command help at all and if so how is it best to use this?

Yes.  Refer to the documentation on slapd.conf.  When you add the index
you will have to dump your database to an ldif file so that you can
generate the index.  I've previously posted to this list the procedure
for how to do this, and you may also find information about it in the
FAQ-O-MATIC.  Alternatively, you could add the index and reload the
entire database, which shouldn't take long for only 40,000 entries.

You should probably have at least presence and equality indexes.