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Re: nsswitch.conf


> passwd:     files nisplus nis
> shadow:     files nisplus nis
> group:      files nisplus nis
> Should I just add "ldap" to each line? What more should I do with that file?
> Is there a short answer to this or can someone point me somewhere to read
> about it?

If your not using NIS (Network Information Service) - which I doubt
you do - you can simply remove nisplus and nis without affecting the
system in any harmful way. I guess these entries are still default
there because NIS and NIS+ are still quite common in various

If you just want lookup through files and ldap the lines should in
fact read:

passwd: files ldap
shadow: files ldap
group: files ldap

But be careful generally, because it's quite easy to lock yourself out
(even as root).