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Re: ldap_admin.php3...fine with outlook, crashes NS4.72

On Mon, Jul 31, 2000 at 07:27:41PM +0100, darrellb wrote:
> i'm looking at using ldap_admin.php3 (from www.savoirfairelinux.com) to
> provide a webby interface to a new LDAP server i'm setting up (running
> openldap on RH6.1, installed from openldap-1.2.7-2.i386.rpm)
> after patching a couple of obvious bugs in the PHP code, it all seems to
> work beautifully...HOWEVER if, in NS4.72 or NS4.74 (win32), netscape
> crashes if i double-click on an entry to display the webby view of all
> attributes for that entry...
> all this works FINE in outloook 2000 (damn it!)...
> outlook uses a bunch of extensions to the standard attribute schema--i'm
> not sure if this is the casue of the problem (i'm using the standard
> slapd.at.conf and slapd.oc.conf)
> and this is enough to crash NS...
> any thoughts? 


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