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Re: deleting ldap data

> how can i remove all the entries in a ldap without individually deleting
> them using ldapdelete?
> peter choe

I gues this needs to go into the FAQ.  Peter -- I charge you with visiting
faq-o-matic and putting my reply there.

What you do is:
1. shut down slapd using a kill -1 on its process id (or any kill you like).
2. go to the directory containing the database file (if you don't know, look
   for the "directory" directive in your slapd.conf.
3. remove all of the files there.
4. restart slapd.

Please note: this procedure deletes *all* entries, including the
suffix entry and the admin entry.  If you don't already have an ldif
file containing these, you may use ldbmcat or ldapsearch -L to dump the
database and edit the unwanted entries out, then reload with ldif2ldbm
(before restarting slapd) or ldapadd (after starting slapd).