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Re: adding /etc/passwd to ldap?


> > On a side note, do you know of a documents that explains the "concept" of
> > LDAP and how to use it logically and cleanly in a distrubated envoirment?  I
> > seen a lot of document dealing with the gory details, but nothing really
> > that explains it.  I hope O'Reilly works out an Animal book on it :)
> >
> > Thanks for all your help,
> > Jack
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> I found the IBM Red Book - "Understanding LDAP" to be a very good source
> of LDAP general information without being too light or too heavy.  Have
> a look at http://www.redbooks.ibm.com and you should find the PDF off
> there somewhere.

I agree, I've found exactly this PDF-File to be a very valuable
ressource, too.


is the exact URL, but there are other documents related to LDAP on the
Red Book site, that you might find interesting.

I even read some chapters from a book published by Microsoft Press (am
I doomed now? ;-) focussing on Active Directory. I also found it to be
very valuable, because it had a deeper look on the information model
and general concepts related to centralized directories, replication
and how to organize the information the tree. It was a written in
German, so I'm not sure if it could be helpful for you. But this might
give you a hint where to find other information. It will not help you
install the software on a Linux-system ;-), but maybe give a more
general overview on the whole topic.