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Re: adding /etc/passwd to ldap?

> > `/usr/local/bin/ldapadd -D "cn=Manager, dc=netmate, dc=com" -W <
> > ldif/pass.ldif`
> > Enter LDAP Password: ******
> > adding new entry uid=root,ou=People,dc=padl,dc=com
> > ldap_add: No such object
> Try adding the "people-ou" before inserting your users. Something
> like:
> ou=People,dc=netmate, dc=com
> ou=People
> objectclass=top
> objectclass=organizationalUnit
> objectclass=domainRelatedObject
> associateddomain=netmate.com
> It's like trying to add some of these shiny red christmas-spheres on a
> tree without the necessary branch :-).

That worked great, got that branch "People" in there and inserted all the
users from /etc/passwd, going to start working with the LDAP Pam module now.
It is starting to look good now :)

> migrate_base.pl (part of the MigrationTools) can also build an
> ldif-file for you with the basic structure. And you should adapt the
> scripts to your domain; padl.com is probably not what you want.
> Regards,
> Stephan

Haven't looked at this, but it sounds just what is needed.

On a side note, do you know of a documents that explains the "concept" of
LDAP and how to use it logically and cleanly in a distrubated envoirment?  I
seen a lot of document dealing with the gory details, but nothing really
that explains it.  I hope O'Reilly works out an Animal book on it :)

Thanks for all your help,

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