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ldif2ldbm NEXTID=1 (again ;)

I've just been rebuilding my ldap directory from an exported
ldif file using ldif2ldbm. I realise this doesn't perform syntax
checking, but since the entries were originally created using
the LDAP protocol I don't see this as being a problem; the
speed difference is significant for the 25k-entry directory
I'm importing.

Like some other posters to the mailing lists and authors of
reports in its, I found that my NEXTID file contained the number
1 after completion (repeating the operation, I determined that
the correct value was written initially, however this was later

This only occurred when building multiple indices concurrently
(i.e. using the -j option) rather than serially. I'm using 1.2.10
although I didn't find any relevant fixes in the current release.

Would it make sense to disable -j for any future 1.2 releases?
If left enabled, I'd suggest that documenting this behaviour in
ldif2ldbm(8C) might save some frustration. It might also be a
good place to explain to a wider audience about syntax checking :-)