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Re: default database?

I use:

suffix          "o=basedn"

referral        ldap://my.ldap.server.name/o=basedn

in my slapd.conf to help the clients "find" the basedn.

It seams to work except that when authenticated clients follow the 
referal, they don't carry the credentials with it.


"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> At 02:42 PM 7/11/00 -0400, Stu wrote:
> >I am configuring an new instance of slapd. What I want to have happen is
> >that when someone searches w/out specifying which container
> Any DN may be a container (even the empty DN).
> >, they by
> >default search on a particular Organization and Organizational Unit. I
> >have set up a config file specifying a suffix as follows:
> >
> >suffix          "ou=MG, o=BWC"
> This tells the server where to root the tree.  Clients must be
> separately configured where to search (which may or may not be
> the same as the root of a particular tree).
> >But when I connect for a search, I still need to change my Search Base.
> In your client, yes.
> >Is there any way to default to the search base specified in the suffix.
> >(I have tried removing the double-quotes, to no avail.)
> OpenLDAP clients use a defaulting mechanism described in ldap.conf(5).
> Other clients have their own mechanisms.

P.Timmons, service informatique