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Re: slapd hang once a day

You likely are using brain damaged clients.

See ITS#237, ITS#169, ITS#142, and ITS#30.

At 05:09 PM 7/11/00 +0000, antidotez@catcha.com wrote:
>recently, ldap (slapd) has been giving problem. it will 
>hang at least once every day and needs manual killing 
>and restaring. below is an entry from log file:
>"Jul 10 09:21:55 testserver slapd[19503]: warning: 
>cannot open /etc/hosts.allow: Toomany open files"
>would appreciate if someone could advise on the 
>cause for "cannot open /etc/hosts.allow" and "too many 
>open files" and the solution to the hanging problem.
>is there any tool/prog that can be used to monitor slapd 
>and email/page when the process hang?
>your help is greatly appreciated. 
>thank you very much
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