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Re: group issues


How about using both, like here:

 dn: cn=group0,ou=group,dc=domain,dc=edu
 cn: group0
 gidnumber: 5000
 objectclass: top
 objectclass: groupOfNames
 objectclass: posixGroup
 memberuid: member0
 member: uid=member0,ou=people,dc=domain,dc=edu

blair christensen wrote:
> hello,
> openldap 1.2.10, redhat 6.2 (intel) and solaris 8, pam_ldap v65, and
> nss_ldap v113.
> i am having numerous problems getting groups to work properly for me.
> what i would like is to have a group with members specified by full DN
> that would work with both openldap ACLs and with nss_ldap/pam_ldap for
> supplementary groups.