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Re: Different attributes same value

At 04:12 PM 6/29/00 +0000, Bennett Samowich wrote:
>I've come with yet another newbie-ish question.
>What is the best way to handle multiple attributes that have the same 

Use applications which use standard track names or provide a means to
attribute map names as needed.  Most (decent) modern applications
provide mapping capabilities.

>For example one application uses the attribute "homePhone" and 
>another uses "telephoneNumber" while another uses "homeTelephoneNumber".

Well, in 1.x, you can maintain each of these... though this sucks, it may be
the only way to deal with clients which have hard coded expectations.

>Since we need to work between the various applications what is the best way 
>to handle a situation like this (keeping the values in sync)?

The best way to keep a value in sync is to only have one copy of it.