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Re: urgent: possible bug in ber_get_next()

At 12:55 AM 7/2/00 -0700, Murali Venkateshaiah wrote:
>I have ported the openldap ber encode/decode/io functions
>to an embedded operating system, and am seeing HUGE malloc()
>failure errors coming from ber_get_next() function.

Client code generally only issues relatively small mallocs.  If
you are seeing large requests, you likely have some sort of
basic type and/or library incompatibility.

>Is there any known bugs in the ber_get_next() function,
>and particularly, should I define my own limits such
>as the below, espoused in the code below for DOS for
>my own OS, before mallocing()?

If you OS has a similar allocation limit, then yes.

I suggest you post a note to -devel mailing list detailing the
port you are working on.   Note that the quality of answers you
get will depend highly on the quality of information you provide
with your question.