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replication: No such object

This is basically a repost of a problem posted last year. 
I already contacted the original poster, and he hadn't got a response.  

>hey everyone,
>this is my first post to this list, so please excuse me if this is not
>the appropriate place to post this.
>i have been trying to get replication set up with the openldap server
>v1.2.4.   however, it seems that dels/mods/and adds are not updated on
>the slave servers (nothing is update b/t servers).  i have both slapd
>and slurpd on the master server, and just slapd on the slave server.  i
>have followed the SLAPD and SLURPD administrator's guide (to my
>knowledge, correctly).  once a add/del/mod is made, the server reports
>"ERROR: No such object".  i'm running out of ideas here, and i really
>need some help with this so that i can get it working, so any help would
>be appreciated!!  and if you need any more info about my setup, please
>let me know, and i'll supply it.
>thank you in advance!
>David Reitz

I'm having the same problem.  Both slave and master are running RH6.2
with openldap-1.2.9-6 rpm installed.  Before the last test, I shut both
down, copied the dbs all over to the slave, just to make sure they were
synced.  If I take the .rej file, delete the Error: line at the top, and
try to add it manually using ldapmodify, it works like a charm.  Can
anyone give me some help or hints on this?

Thanks, Justin.
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