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Re: openldap V3 ??

At 03:08 PM 5/23/00 -0700, Rob Hamm wrote:
>I'm not sure this is a ldapV2 vs. ldapV3 problem but I'm guessing it is.

OpenLDAP 1.x tools support LDAPv2.  Most directory vendors
support both LDAPv2 and LDAPv3, hence the tools *should* work.
I haven't heard of any problem with interoperability with any
Novell's server.

>Conversely, can anyone point me to a V3 ldapsearch function?

Did you see if you directory vendor provides them?  Most do.

>BTW, this also is affecting my Netscape Communicator address lookup

I suspect something else has changed.  Checked your server logs.
If you have problems, I suggest enquirying on an Novell specific