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openldap V3 ??

I'm having a problem with a Novell LDAP server on a Netware 5.1 system
(LDAP V3).

I was able to query a Novell 4.11 LDAP system with the query ;

	ldapsearch -h gw -b 'o=UCFV' 'objectclass=*'

but since that system was upgraded to Netware 5.1, this no longer works.

Does anyone know an OpenLDAP ldapsearch query string that will work on
Netware 5.1 (ldap V3) ?

I'm not sure this is a ldapV2 vs. ldapV3 problem but I'm guessing it is.

Conversely, can anyone point me to a V3 ldapsearch function?

BTW, this also is affecting my Netscape Communicator address lookup

Rob Hamm
UCFV Networks Administrator

   Ethernet (n):  something used to catch the etherbunny