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Is SLAPD a PAM aware application ?

I want to build a multi environment (NT, Linux, ...) architecture with a single password management.
To day my primary system environment is a NT Domain with password policies managed on the PDC.
Linux users connect on the Linux hosts using PAM-SMB for authentication and PAM-LDAP
associated with NSS for account lookups. User pasword management will be done only under the
Win NT environment.
My question is
"Is SLAPD a PAM aware application ? "
Can I configure SLAPD to have an external authentication (using PAM) mecanism,
 to avoid to store (and synchronize)  the paswords in the LDAP Database.
 In other word, can I have a /etc/pam.d/slapd file with an AUTH record pointing
on the PAM-SMB library,  to authenticate the user against the NT PDC server
when logging (binding) the LDAP service.
In the mailing list archive I've found an old message posted in 1998,
containing a  patch. I have some doubts about  the possibity to use it for
 the present OpenLdap version.
Any comment ?
Jacques Landru

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