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Re: Bulkloading problems....

At 04:18 PM 6/15/00 -0700, Ovanes Manucharyan wrote:
>timex ./ldif2ldbm -i ./records.ldif

ldif2ldbm should not be used to load new entries.  It
should only be used to load LDIF created by ldbmcat of
entries previously loaded by ldapadd(1).  See archives
for discussions on this.

>I know that the data is out there because at the end of 66K records 
>the .db files are huge, I can even do an ldbmcat,

Just because there is data in the DB, doesn't mean the DB is
usable by slapd.

>but when I do an ldapsearch, they are not there..

Which means the input to ldif2ldbm was not pristine.

>If I don't do a bulkload, and just an ldapmodify -a, although it 
>takes a full day, it works...

Yes.  ldapadd(1) is more forgiving.

As far as ldapadd(1) taking all day, see the archives and faq
for hints on how to do speed up ldapadd(1) bulk loading.