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Re: Using OpenLDAP and Outlook (express and otherwise)..

Joseph Silverman wrote:
> I asked this question, sort of, a week ago.  I bring it up again.
> Are there any known issues or caveats using Outlook (Express and
> otherwise) against OpenLDAP?
> My experience is that searching with '*' as the search term in
> Outlook is failing to produce any results (rather than producing ALL
> the results).  My setup is pretty typical, I think..

Was my side-by-side analysis of your SLAPD log not useful?  I
thought it pretty clearly showed that the Outlook program was
looking for "SUBSTRINGS", while the other programs, which were
working, were looking only for "PRESENT".

It seems to me that you need to change the data you store in
your directory to make Outlook happy, or change the Outlook
search string.  As I indicated, this might require registry
surgery, since Outlook is pretty brain damaged.

It also seems to me that you might have more luck if you were
to change the spaces that are or aren't between components,
per a recent bug to that effect that was noted on this list,
and noted as corrected in the OpenLDAP CVS tree on the 1.x
maintenance branch.

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