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Re: No Such Object

At 10:23 AM 6/8/00 -0500, Jonathan Donald wrote:
>After poring over the Howes/Smith/Good book, blitzing my datastore a
>couple of times, and watching slapd's debug output while querying, I
>figured it out why I couldn't load my Netscape ldif file. The reason is
>that the ldif file I'd exported from Netscape contained a comma in a
>rather unfortunate place:
>dn: cn=Smith, John dc=ldis, dc=com

You should report this bug to Netscape.  They should quote
or escape RDN values per LDAP specifications.

>The problem is in the first line. Note the comma between the last name
>and the first name, the result of my personal preference of entering
>contact names that way (this is not Netscape's default behavior). Slapd
>thought this was a separator, and was looking for a parent object called
>John (too bad the error message isn't more specific).

slapd was designed to support alternative naming.  When originally
developed, folks weren't to sure they wanted to use X.500 naming
with LDAP.  OpenLDAP 1.x continues to provide support for
alternative naming forms despite the fact that the community
as a whole as now agreed to use X.500 naming.  We'll drop support
for alternative naming in 2.x and return invalidDN when faced
with such values.