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RE: First level entries in the ldap database

>----- Original Message -----
> Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2000 8:46 AM
> I sent this a couple of days ago to no avail.

You might actually try waiting a couple of days.  And if
no response, wait a couple more days.  Of course, as you
wait, you might use the time to browse the archives (I'll
assume you searched the archives before your original

Of course, I know what to search for.  But given a couple
of days of for browsing you'd likely could of found them


Anyways, to answer your question:
> How do I make the first level entries in the database be the country list?

Use suffix "" and hack as needed (as this may not work as expected)
Or use multiple suffixes

database ldbm
suffix	"c=cl"
suffix "c=us"

Note: unless you are authoritative for the DN, you shouldn't be
attempting to master it.  c=cl belongs to Chile, not to you.