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password backend


I'm starting the process of setting up LDAP, and would like to use the password backend. However, I'm finding that with the slapd.conf specifying a password backend, as of:

database   passwd
suffix o=passwd

in the slapd.conf file, the slapd process won't start. If I remove the password and use the default lbdm backend instead, the process starts just fine.

I read that the default for the LDAP install includes support for all three backends; shell, ldbm, and passwd. Is this correct? As I didn't specify anything one way or the other during the configuration.

Could it be that something is wrong with the passwd file itself? We are using shadow passwords on a Linux machine (Mandrake), but other than that, it seems like a normal /etc/passwd file.

If anyone has any ideas as to how to get this passwd backend working that would be great!

Also, I haven't learned the in's and out's of setting up a ldbm database yet, is there any examples of a basic setup out there, including a persons name, phone# and email? The man pages and Quick Start Guide aren't so clear.



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