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Re: Is this a good method for backup of slapd backend?

At 05:31 PM 5/29/00 +0200, Jan-Piet Mens wrote:
>until now, I've been using 'ldbmcat -n /var/.../id2entry.dbb  > backup'
>for performing backups. To ensure consistency, the server must be
>brought down to do this; I consider this a great disadvantage, because
>it is not available during the (short) time period this takes.

See Wes's notes regarding how to use replicas to solve this problem.
I provide a more general answer:

You should not backup a given slapd database without taking that
slapd offline.  However, you can do this a bit quicker than
using ldbmcat.

	kill -TERM `cat $pidfile`
	cp $dbdir/id2entry.dbb $backupdir
	restart slapd

Then you either just put the copy of id2entry.dbb in your archives
or you can use ldbmcat to generate an ldif from the copy.