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Re: Is this a good method for backup of slapd backend?

> From:    Jan-Piet Mens <jpm@Retail-SC.com>
> To:      openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org

> Would the command
> ldapsearch -S "" -L \
> -b "$base" \
> -D "$manager" \
> -w "$bindpw" \
> objectclass=* > ${outfile}
> suffice for a backup ? Since I bind as manager, there is no 
> sizelimit.

Depends on the size of your database.  This operation (or one like it)
could take a long time.  I run a replica which no one talks to.  This
replica can be brought down at any time.  My replica also replicates,
but I use it's replication log as part of my backups.  Since the logs
are so small, I can use the log to reproduce the directory at any point
in the last month.  If you don't have a spare machine around, you can
run your backup replica on your master, just on a different port.