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Re: Efficient Searching (fwd)

At 09:28 AM 5/24/00 +0100, Neil Hunter wrote:
>When issuing a base-scope search, what is the most efficient filter to use?

Assuming you always want the base returned, the filter (objectclass=*)
is fairly efficient and will match any entry.

>much of the filter gets checked *if* the target object of the base search

As much of the filter as necessary to determine whether or not the
entry should be returned.

>Also, does anyone know of any highly optimised back-ends for the case where a
>given attribute value can be mapped to one, and only one, entity?

If you have an attribute who's values are unique to all entries,
LDBM will be able to determine and return the entry who has a
given attribute value quite quickly if an equality index on
that attribute is in place.  LDBM will not, however, ensure that
any given attribute values are unique within a given naming