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Re: Sorting output to be returned to a HTML page using PHP


Sorry if I am thick, but where does the sort write the data to?

I have been trying to get the script you sent me to work, with no joy.
I have 107 entries in my selection, but when I sort them my $info 
ends up with no records.

I have printed the $a[sortfield][0] and the $b[sortfield][0] in the 
various "if statements" and get nothing.

When I list $info after the sort I get 0=107 and 1 to 107 = array.

The code I am using is 

<?php { 
                      if ($ds) 
                       	$justthese = array ("sn", "givenname); 


				print "no of records to be sorted =".$info["count"];
                       	function EntryCompare(&$a,&$b) 
                       			$sortfield = "sn"; 
							if (!is_array($a))
								return -1;
							elseif (!is_array($b))
								return 1;
                       					return 0; 

                       					return 1; 
                       					return -1; 

					while (list($key,$value)=each ($info))
							{ echo "$key: $value\n";}
			print "no of records in the sorted file =".$info["count"];
                       for ($i=0, $i<$info["count"]; $i++) 
           		            echo statement 

Thanks for your help so far

> On 23 May, Antonin Novak wrote:
> > Doug
> > 
> > I have also posted this on  a PHP mailing list , but to date they
> > have not been able to help me.
> > 
> > I have tried your amendment but I am still getting the same error
> > message.
> I should have looked a bit deeper. There are several issues with what
> you are trying to do. I'm assuming the syntax errors are in the email
> only.
> ldap_get_entries returns a 3-dimensional array of all entries
> from that query. The first dimension is each entry and it also
> contains a "count" member. There is no key to sort on here. If you are
> trying to sort all returned entries and then display them, try
> something like the attached file. Note that it needs a bit more error
> checking (i.e. what if the entry doesn't have that attribute) for
> production usage.
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