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Re: OIDs

Bruno Salgueiro <bs@sibs.pt> writes:

> I'm sorry, but that OID that you register in the IANA site is only
> for SNMP, am I right? If this is true, the OIDs assigned should/must
> only be used to identify objects or data in the SNMP protocol, not
> in LDAP...
> If you want a generic company OID you should ask it to ITU, isn't it
> so?

No, an OID can be used for anything; all it is is a globally unique
identifier, and snmp or ldap certainly don't care what the identifier
looks like, as long as it is unique.

We were assigned an OID from the IANA of We then
divided it thus:     ldap   object classes   attributes   syntaxes     snmp   mysql mib (locally developed)

If we start using other technologies that use OIDs, we'll just add more

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