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Re: OIDs

At 11:06 AM 5/22/00 EDT, Stephen A. Cochran wrote:
>The FAQ states that openldap will require OIDs and follow rfc2252 format for

This is correct.  We suggest all schema developers design schema using
the LDAPv3 information model and than backport their schema to OpenLDAP
1.x until such time that 2.x is released for general use.   The LDAPv3
informational model requires that each schema element be identified
by an OID.

>I'm using v2.0a3 and am starting to create my own local schema.

alphas are provided for reference purposes only.  They are
not for general use.

>The schema files included look just like the ones that came with v1.2.9.

See servers/slapd/schema/*.schema

>My question: does the alpha version understand the new format already?

Not completely.  That is, the code that implements the new information
model has yet to be committed.

>And if it does, does anyone have an example of the format defined in 2252? 

How about RFC 2252 itself... and RFC 2256.  Or servers/slapd/schema/*.schema.