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Re: OIDs

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> At 11:06 AM 5/22/00 EDT, Stephen A. Cochran wrote:
> >The FAQ states that openldap will require OIDs and follow
> >rfc2252 format for schema.
> This is correct.  We suggest all schema developers design
> schema using the LDAPv3 information model and than backport
> their schema to OpenLDAP 1.x until such time that 2.x is
> released for general use.   The LDAPv3 informational model
> requires that each schema element be identified by an OID.

Leaving aside the newly acquired requirement to get an
OID-space allocation before being permitted by the powers
that be to publish new schema (both a good thing and a
bad thing, IMO)...

Would it make sense to modify 1.x to accept and ignore the
non-applicable parts, such as OIDs, RFC2252 format entries?
This would seem to be a useful change.

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