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Re: Stranges in databases, searches and mysterious dies...

Quoting nazard@dragoninc.on.ca:

> On 10 May, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> > Quoting nazard@dragoninc.on.ca:
> > 
> >> On  9 May, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> >> > Did so  a couple of  times, didn't help.  I think the problem  (?) was
> >> > that the DB was to big. See the second update at the end of my mail...
> >> 
> >> What backend are you running (GNU db, Sleepycat db) and version.
> I do believe the Sleepycat db (formerly Berkley db) is recommended and
> it's what I'm running here. I'm not sure if your issue is the backend
> or in openldap itself however.

What is the difference between the Sleepycat and the GNU db exactly? Why
would it make any difference? Is sleepycat faster or what?

> > GNU db, version I don't know. It came from libc6...
> > 
> >> If you compress the ldif file, I'll try it locally.
> > 
> > Same URL, just ending with .gz
> Can't find it at http://www.bayour.com/DebianDatabase.ldif.txt.gz (I did
> try several variations on it too)

Please try again, I didn't have enough space on the FS to compress it...