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Re: multiple admins and access rights

The example I gave was bogus and behaves as Randy noted (the ? made
the preceeding n optional).  OpenLDAP uses POSIX "modern" (extended)
regexs, I should have said:

At 09:37 AM 4/20/00 -0700, Andrew Tristan wrote:
>'?' is used by many shells to do filename pattern matching, it's also
>used by awk and egrep to match zero or one copies of the preceding
>regular expression.  I briefly looked at the 1.2.9 man pages, but
>didn't see any indication as to whether one can use the extended regex
>set in slapd.conf.  Anyone know the answer?
>-- On Apr 18, 12:49pm, Randy Kunkee wrote:
>> Subject: Re: multiple admins and access rights
>> '?' in the sense you are talking is a glob-style expression.  In regular
>> expressions, '?' is a metacharacter which means the previous atom is
>> optional.  Therefore,
>> 	"uid=admin?,ou=People,o=regence"
>> matches one of the following:
>> 	"uid=admi,ou=People,o=regence"
>> 	"uid=admin,ou=People,o=regence"
>> Randy
>-- End of excerpt from Randy Kunkee --
>andrew.tristan@ucr.edu          Unix Systems Group, UC Riverside