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Re: multiple admins and access rights

'?' is used by many shells to do filename pattern matching, it's also
used by awk and egrep to match zero or one copies of the preceding
regular expression.  I briefly looked at the 1.2.9 man pages, but
didn't see any indication as to whether one can use the extended regex
set in slapd.conf.  Anyone know the answer?

-- On Apr 18, 12:49pm, Randy Kunkee wrote:
> Subject: Re: multiple admins and access rights
> '?' in the sense you are talking is a glob-style expression.  In regular
> expressions, '?' is a metacharacter which means the previous atom is
> optional.  Therefore,
> 	"uid=admin?,ou=People,o=regence"
> matches one of the following:
> 	"uid=admi,ou=People,o=regence"
> 	"uid=admin,ou=People,o=regence"
> Randy
-- End of excerpt from Randy Kunkee --

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