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Re: Calendar server

Netscape Calendar server (at least version 3.5) does work with
openldap.  I assume later versions would probably work also.  The
following link can get you started if you want to do that.


You'll also need some access rules in openldap that allow the Calendar
Server to make updates to the directory - something like:

access to * by dn="nsCalXItemId=10000:00001,ou=Netscape
Servers,o=domain.com  write

where 10000 is the node number of your Calender Server node.  A more
restrictive rule may be possible, but this seems to work.

I have also been beta testing the CS&T CorporateTime Calendar Server 5.0
for linux.  (Netscape Calendar was really Corporate time under a
different name, althought CS&T is no longer leasing the software to
Netscape.)  It required ldapv3 so it won't work with openldap 1.x.  But
it does work with the openldap 2.0 development version that I downloaded
without any modifications to openldap source code such as were required
with the Netscape Calendar Server.

Trevor Stott wrote:
> Is there a calendar server out there that works well with openldap?
> For example could I use openldap with netscape's calendar server or must
> I run Netscapes directory server as well?
> Thanks,
> Trevor.

Dave Brodin
Lead Systems Engineer
Information and Technology Services
City of Bloomington