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Re: LDBM caching global or per session as per ldap_enable_cache()

What sort of searches? How many searches? What are your cache settings?

eq searches (uid=value) on an eq indexed attribute and several 1000s of searches. I tried cache settings in slapd.conf to include all entries in that (ldbm backend) directory:

index           uid,mail  eq
index           default   none
lastmod         on
cachesize       5000
dbcachesize     2000000
dbcachenowsync  on

The test directory includes roughly 1000 entries.
The application and slapd are running on the same server.
However, it's a Linux so it's running non-threaded.

> The slapd.conf settings configure the caching options for the SLAPD. They
certainly affect performance - set the cache sizes to zero and see what
Well, the application took quite a long time to finish due to the LDAP
lookups. Even when firing up the program a second time it took almost
the same amount of time (like slapd didn't cache the previous results).


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