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Re: LDBM caching global or per session as per ldap_enable_cache()

On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, Albert Siersema wrote:

> When configuring slapd with dbcachesize et al it can still perform
> quite poorly (yes, I do have the appropriate indeces :-).
> When I included ldap_enable_cache() in my application
> I saw quite an improvement in performance.

What sort of searches? How many searches? What are your cache settings?

There are many different parameters that can affect performance...

> However I got the impression that the cache settings in slapd.conf
> are global, i.e. for all connections and sessions, not only a
> single application. That would be far more effective too IMHO.

The slapd.conf settings configure the caching options for the SLAPD. They
certainly affect performance - set the cache sizes to zero and see what

ldap_enable_cache will allow the client to cache results as well. I haven't
played with this option a great deal, but if it works as you would expect then
you should see quite an improvement simply because the client doesn't need to
communicate with the server in order to retrieve results. If you don't use
ldap_enable_cache on the client then even if you are able to configure the
SLAPD to cache every single entry in your directory, the client has to
send the query to the server, wait for the response and read the results.

At the end of the day you need to think about both the client and server and
decide for each whether to cache and what the settings should be. Having said
that, I can't honestly think of a really good reason *not* to cache on the


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