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Re: Sendmail 8.10.0 vs. LDAP


On Tue, 28 Mar 2000, Les Barstow wrote:

> Arrgghh!!!
> I've been fighting with Sendmail 8.10.0 for the past several days to
> implement an alias map using LDAP, and have been very unsuccessful.
> I'm looking for some help.
> I have set up my alias lists as rfc822MailGroup objects, with
> rfc822Mailbox entries for each individual, and cn=aliasname for the
> RDN.  I have the following set up in my .cf file:
> O LDAPDefaultSpec=-hldap.vr1.com -b"ou=Aliases,dc=vr1,dc=com"
> Kldapaliases ldap -k"cn=%s" -vrfc822Mailbox -z,
> O AliasFile=sequence:ldapaliases
> (The AliasFile sequence bit is a leftover from the ldapx map problem)
> This all looks well and good, but when I try to do a lookup, I get
> the following:
> 421 4.0.0 Error getting LDAP entries in map ldapaliases: Decoding error
> If I remove the '-z,' (which is supposed to tag multi-valued responses
> together into an alias list), I get the first value in the list (as is
> to be expected).
> So: it appears my LDAP map is correct, and Sendmail can connect to the
>     LDAP server, but it does not know how to do multi-valued lists
>     (this was supposed to be one of its new features...)
> Any recommendations on how to fix the Sendmail side?  The
> comp.mail.sendmail group hasn't come back with a response...

Looks like it did to
me.  http://x36.deja.com/getdoc.xp?AN=601299155&search=thread&CONTEXT=954283940.578289689&HIT_CONTEXT=954283940.578289689&HIT_NUM=5&hitnum=1

Someone replied to a message of yours with this (evaldas.auryla@pheur.org)

|  > If I remove the -z, I get the first rfc822Mailbox (as expected),
|  > so I know I'm getting connected and getting responses to/from the
|  > LDAP server.  I just can't seem to tack multi-valued responses
|  For multiple return values I guess you should add ldap map to your
|  AliasFile option, something like this in your .mc file:
|  define(`SMTP_MAILER_FLAGS',`A')
|  define(`confLDAP_DEFAULT_SPEC',`-h ldapserver.mydomain -b
|  dc=mydomain,o=myorg')
|  define(`ALIAS_FILE',`/etc/mail/aliases,ldap: -v mailRoutingAddress -k
|  (&(objectClass=groupOfNames)(mail=%0))')

I've also crossed another similar response a month or so ago on
comp.mail.sendmail, from the same person.

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