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Sendmail 8.10.0 vs. LDAP


I've been fighting with Sendmail 8.10.0 for the past several days to
implement an alias map using LDAP, and have been very unsuccessful.
I'm looking for some help.

I have set up my alias lists as rfc822MailGroup objects, with
rfc822Mailbox entries for each individual, and cn=aliasname for the
RDN.  I have the following set up in my .cf file:

O LDAPDefaultSpec=-hldap.vr1.com -b"ou=Aliases,dc=vr1,dc=com"
Kldapaliases ldap -k"cn=%s" -vrfc822Mailbox -z,
O AliasFile=sequence:ldapaliases

(The AliasFile sequence bit is a leftover from the ldapx map problem)

This all looks well and good, but when I try to do a lookup, I get
the following:

421 4.0.0 Error getting LDAP entries in map ldapaliases: Decoding error

If I remove the '-z,' (which is supposed to tag multi-valued responses
together into an alias list), I get the first value in the list (as is
to be expected).

So: it appears my LDAP map is correct, and Sendmail can connect to the
    LDAP server, but it does not know how to do multi-valued lists
    (this was supposed to be one of its new features...)

Any recommendations on how to fix the Sendmail side?  The
comp.mail.sendmail group hasn't come back with a response...

Should I go to mail500?  If so, will it do local delivery?  This is a
smaller setup, so users and aliases are not distinguishable by mail
host (hub vs. end-server).  Does anyone have a set of sendmail rules
which do appropriate map lookups for this?

Les Barstow           | e-mail: lbarstow@vr1.com
System Administrator  |
VR-1, Inc.            | The box said "Requires Windows 95 or better",
http://www.vr1.com    | so I installed Linux!