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Modifications with referrals

I've been looking at using referrals to split a directory tree into several
subtrees handled by different SLAPDs. I've got the searches working fine with
queries directed at any of the SLAPDs being correctly referred transparently
through to the necessary SLAPD.

The problem I've come across is that modification requests don't seem to
generate referrals - is that right?

For example, using the following structure:

                      /    \
                     /      \
                  ou=dept1 ou=dept2
                    /         \
                 cn=bob      cn=fred

server1 handles the root (o=org) and ou=dept1 part of the tree. Server2 handles
the ou=dept2 subtree. A query for (cn=fred) directed at server1 will be
correctly referred to server2, however a modify operation for
dn:cn=fred,ou=dept2,o=org directed to server1 will fail.

Have I misunderstood referrals in this situation?! I know directing the
modification at server2 will work correctly, but I'd prefer to hide the
separation of the subtrees if at all possible.


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