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Re: Netscape Certificates in OpenLDAP

On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, Bruno Salgueiro wrote:

> Hi to all.
>   I'd just like to add one thing. IExplorer and Netscape handle this
> attribute in a different way, at least as I tested it. IExplorer likes
> userCertificate and Netscape likes userCertificate;binary.
>   Which takes me to a complementary question which is ; Can OpenLDAP,
> for the same attribute value, return different names (define attribute
> aliases) like the entry had those different attributes? Example, in
> this case it would return userCertificate <data> and
> userCertificate;binary <data> and in the conf file I would just mention
> userCertificate <tab> userCertificate;binary bin.

maybe this message can help you...