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Re: Netscape Certificates in OpenLDAP

Giuseppe Lo Biondo wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm trying to store X.509 Certificates in my OpenLDAP server.
> I successfully stored my certificate in the server and the netscape
> addressbook displays it correctly. (it is stored as usercertificate;binary
> and I've encoded the DER certificate using ldif -b )
> When I try to download the certificate using the security tabs, my browser
> finds the certificate but it seems to ignore it when I try to download
> (I've tried with my cert and with another's person cert).
> I've already seen various threads of discussion in this mailing list and
> this seems a known problem, has anyone found the right recipe to make this
> work?
> Giuseppe Lo Biondo

can you give some more details about "seems to ignore it"?

without really understanding your problem, here's a few thoughts.  if you
already have the certificate--such as your own--it won't add it again.  check
the "people" section in certificates and see what's there.


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