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Re: How do I create a server for root?

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Konstantinos Agouros wrote:

> > I'm curious as to how "compatible" this workaround would be with future
> > LDAPv3 support (given the introduction of the root DSE);  from reading
> > IETF RFC 2251, section 3.4 would tend to indicate that it should work
> > (that is, the root DSE is available in base searches, but not subtree
> > searches - one-level searches aren't mentioned).
> One thing I am still asking myself is: If I have different Suffixes for
> each country is: can i search with -b ""?

>From my limited understanding (and without actually testing it against
OpenLDAP, though I did try against another product), as long as you're using a
search scope of "subtree" then it should work if they're in a single backend
database - I don't know if OpenLDAP supports subtree searching across multiple