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ldapsearch oddities

i've got a problem with ldapseach.  it seems to find things only some of the time.

for example, if i have an entry cn=Mark Krischer and do:

    ldapsearch 'cn=Mark*'

i might get no entries returned.  but if i do:

    ldapsearch 'cn=M*'

this is by no mean standard for all my entries.  some will work and some won't.

i'll get the entry for cn=Mark Krischer

this causes problems when doing a search in netscape address book.

i also have this problem search for uid--i'm using pam_ldap for cyrus_sasl/imap.  again, for certain users:

    ldapsearch 'uid=userid'

works and for some it doesn't.  and for those it doesn't

    ldapsearch 'uid=u*'

does work!

any help will be greatly appreciated.