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Re: Error:Undefined symbol:__inet_addr and __inet_aton

At 11:05 AM 3/14/00 +0800, Shan Jinlai wrote:
>Recently, I downloaded openldap 1.2.9 and installed it on my AIX

>   In my system,there exists inet_addr subroutine but has not inet_aton
>I grepped  the source C program and can find inet_addr string in os-ip.c
>and cldap.c,
>but can not find called inet_aton subroutine.What's happened?

The required functions must be not be in libc.  Read the manual
pages for the missing routines to determine which library they
are contained in.  Then try:

env LIBS="-lfoo" ./configure

(replacing "-lfoo" with the appropriate library flags).