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Re: Fatest way to transfer ldap data to another machine

Most of this has been covered previously.  The archives are
the best place to find quick answers to such questions.

At 03:43 PM 2/24/00 +0800, syw wrote: 
> I'm am setting a slave ldap server. I would like to copy
> 50,000 records from the master server into the slave. The master server is > miles
> away. What's the fatest way of doing so?

If homogeneous servers are involved, a DB copy is the fast way.
> Can i just copy the database files over to the slave machine without shutting > down the ldap daemon?

> At this moment i write my C program to dump the records from master into a > text file,

You mean like ldbmcat?

> ftp the text file
> over to the slave, run another program in the slave to read line by line from > the file and update the ldap using the ldap_add function call.

Sounds like a job of ldif2ldbm or ldapadd.

> Problem is the slave machine is a raid machine and adding each records seems to slow

Adds are expensive.  See the FAQ for configuration hints.
> I'm thinking of the first option which is just copy the database files over. > Of course i will take care to shutdown registration during this moment., but > i don't want to shutdown daemon. Will it work?
No, you need to shutdown the master long enough to make the copy.
Otherwise you run the risk of losing information.