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Re: Please assist - LDAP client library: ldap_modify usage

At 11:54 PM 2/28/00 -0800, Alex Xia wrote:
>I am building a LDAP client and is using the ldap_modify api call.
>I want to do the modify asynchrously, using ldap_modify() and
>ldap_result().  I also want to keep track of which ldap modify
>succeeded and which did not.  Since the results can come back
>out of order, I don't want to wait for a particular message in the
>ldap_result() function, instead I pass LDAP_RES_ANY in the
>function call.  Hopefully the process is more efficient this way
>since faster responses is processes first.  But how can I keep track
>of which ldap modify successed?  The ldap_result() call doesn't
>seem to give me back the message id of the modify.

LDAP returns LDAPMessage structures which contain the message