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Re: replication fundamentals

At 05:48 PM 2/14/00 -0500, Joe Sabu wrote:
>    I'm trying out the replication features on OpenLDAP 1.2.7. Looking for
>a few clarifications.

There are good reasons to use 1.2.9...

>1. How do I bootstrap a slave ldap db?

Copy DB files (if servers are homogenenous)

Use ldbmcat to generate LDIF, load LDIF in server via ldif2ldbm otherwise.
(Note: this assumes that all entries were originally loaded via
ldapadd(1).  Ldif2ldbm should not be used to load 'new' entries).

>    In situations where rootdn != updatedn, how do I build a slave db from

Temporary set the rootdn/rootpw to be the updatedn/updatepw, add
the update dn entry to the master, replicate to slave, and then
change slave such that updatedn points to added entry.

>Is it safe to copy db fiels across hetrogeneous systems?

Assuming that the difference is significant, it's not safe.

>If not, what's the right way?

See above.

>2. The "referral" directive in the slave slapd.conf : Is it supposed to
>return a referral in all cases except when the binding dn is the registered
>updatedn? Only on write operations?

If properly configured, the slave should refer all writes and all
superior requests as indicated by the "referral" server.