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replication fundamentals


    I'm trying out the replication features on OpenLDAP 1.2.7. Looking for
a few clarifications.

1. How do I bootstrap a slave ldap db?

    In situations where rootdn != updatedn, how do I build a slave db from
scratch? Since the updatedn should pre-exist for the replication to work,
how can I populate a slave db from scratch. What I'm doing now is populating
a minimal db which has the bind/update dn entry at the master host, and
copying the files over to all the slaves. This idea I got from the Guide. Is
it safe to copy db fiels across hetrogeneous systems? If not, what's the
right way?

2. The "referral" directive in the slave slapd.conf : Is it supposed to
return a referral in all cases except when the binding dn is the registered
updatedn? Only on write operations?

    I'll greatly appreciate any quick responses.

Joe Sabu